Landon's Legacy Bereavement Doula Services

In Honor of Landon James
12/11/2013 - 09/06/2014


You are about to begin a journey you never wanted to take. 

It an honor to walk with you on this journey.
Not only as a trained bereavement doula.
Also, as someone who has also walked this journey.

A bereaved mother. 

I see you, mama and I am so sorry for whatever situation finds you here.

My Bereavement Doula Services are free of charge to families experiencing a pregnancy loss at any stage or a fatal diagnosis.

Donations are appreciated but not required.
If you'd like to donate please click the button below:


Whether I take this journey with you, or you take it alone; I hope you find what you need. 

Below is a list of local services available to you. 


Local Hospitals

Advent Health Ocala

UF Shands Hospital

North Florida

Funeral Homes

Countryside Funerals


Sellers Funeral Home



Birthing Centers / Midwives

A Mother's Village

Loving Arms Birth Center

Wildflowers Midwifery


Grief / Support Groups

On Angel's Wings

Our Heart's Align

Footprints On My Heart